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Hypnosis Facts
What do you know about hypnosis?

I am going to clear up some common misconceptions of hypnosis

1. "Don't expect to feel Hypnotized." Many people come to the Hypnotherapist thinking that there is something about trance which is markedly different from their "normal" state of consciousness. This is definitely not the case. A light trance will likely feel no different from relaxation. Since trance is a normal, natural state, then clients will likely feel a feeling of familiarity, no matter how deep in trance they go. Don't expect to feel hypnotized. Trance is not about feeling "zonked out;" it is a normal natural state.

2. "Do expect to feel relaxed." Hypnosis is a natural state where you feel increasing levels of relaxation.

3. "You ARE in control." During the trance induction, you need to know that you are in charge. For example, if I told you to stand up, and it was OK, you would, but if I told you to rob a bank you wouldn't do that. Well it's the same in Hypnosis. You are in charge. You only accept the suggestions that are given that are consistent with your own internal values and beliefs.

4. "Trance is about learning how to go into trance." So the process we are about to learn is just that, a learning process. Each step of the way there are several tests, and we will see how many tests you succeed at. The more successful you are the deeper you can go.

5. Another big misconception about hypnosis is some people think they will go to sleep. You will not fall asleep. You won't be a zombie, or unconscious or zoned out. You will be completely aware of everything that is happening. You will remember everything that happens and you will be able to think.

When some people are hypnotized they think things like, "I don't know if I'm hypnotized or if I'm just relaxed." If that thought runs through your head, keep an open mind, follow along with all the suggestions, find yourself agreeing with them and when the session is over we will talk about it then consciously. All you have to do during the session is just want it to work, agree and accept the suggestions.

A common example of a hypnotic state is driving. Have you ever been driving and then all of a sudden you "wake up?" you know you were wide awake and driving safely the whole time, but you do not remember it at all? Because you were so present in the moment. That is like a state of hypnosis.

Yet another common example is watching TV. Have you ever been so involved in a show that you didn't hear someone talking to you or calling your name? This is a similar state to hypnosis.

Do you want to experience what hypnosis feels like right now? OK, close your eyes, take a deep breath, let it out and relax. Good. Now open your eyes. That's what hypnosis feels like. Nothing strange or unusual, just relaxed.

One of the biggest misconceptions about hypnosis is that you can make somebody do what they don't want to do. If that were the case. Would hypnotists be doing things like stage shows and private sessions. Or would hypnotists just be getting other people to give them all their money?

People see stage hypnotist shows and think that people are made to do things that they don't want to do.

Obviously then you can't make people do what they don't want to do. So what happens at a stage Hypnotist show, because it does look like the Hypnotist is making people do what they don't want to do?

Well, first, why would anyone go see a hypnosis show? Because they want to laugh at people acting stupid. The hypnotist then calls for volunteers to go up on stage. And who would volunteer to go on stage? Exhibitionists, that is who. People who like to be seen and make a scene and act differently.

Then the hypnotists does a series of tests to pick the people the hypnotist wants to work with.

The hypnotist is actually not looking to see who can be hypnotized. Because everyone with an average IQ can be hypnotized. The hypnotist is looking for people who will do what they are told and are willing to do silly things.

Now that he has all the perfect people up on stage who want to act like fools, and who want to be seen and will do what they are told, the show can begin. So he is not making them do what they don't want to do. He is just giving them the freedom to do what they want to do.

And that's great because that's exactly the same as what we're doing here. I'm not making you quit cigarettes against your will. You want to be here, you want to quit cigarettes. So I'm helping you do what you already want to do. Hypnosis is an extremely powerful way for empowering you to do what you already want to do - quit smoking.

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