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Our Guarantee
We offer a Full Guarantee

If you Ever start smoking again, I will do as many sessions on you as needed so you will be a non-smoker - FREE OF CHARGE!

Of course I cannot guarantee it will work for you I do not know you and I would be lying if I was guaranteeing it will work, as although it is a minority some people sometimes need to come back. But I have helped enough people by now that the great results I consistently achieve enable me to give you a very big commitment and guarantee.

You want to be a non-smoker, so my Full Guarantee is even better than a money back guarantee.

Because if you started again, and I gave you your money back, you wouldn't be a non-smoker, which is what you really want, to be a non-smoker for life.

A vast majority of the clients of this system are non-smokers for life after 1 session.

For those who need another session, most need only 1 more session. Some very rarely need 2, and these I do FREE OF CHARGE

I also will spend the necessary time to make sure you quit on the first session. Although it is not ideal for either of us, I have sometimes spent up to 3 hours with clients and not charged a penny more because I want them to succeed

more details and terms and conditions in the FAQ

Why not a Money back Guarantee?

Years ago when we first tested this technique, we gave a money back guarantee, but our success rate dropped.

This is because the unconscious mind sometimes has secondary reasons, (we call it secondary gain) for bringing back the smoking habit.

Such a guarantee creates an unconscious conflict between the part of your mind that wants to give up smoking and the part of your mind that wants to have the $595, so a client can start smoking again in an attempt to relieve the conflict. We do not do that any more to keep our success rate as high as it is now.

Nothing is more important to us than your success, because a large portion of our clients come from word of mouth, and we want to help as many people as possible to stop smoking.

So what about we go ahead and make an appointment for you and make you a non-smoker. Call now to book your reservation and begin your smoke free life 1 300 661 601

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