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The Investment

How much is the investment in your self to quit cigarettes for good? Guaranteed.

First, how much do you smoke?

The average smoker smokes 1 pack of cigarettes a day.
At an average let's say the cost is $15 per pack, that is $450 a month.
Or $5400 a year you are spending on cigarettes.

So when you book your session today and you quit cigarettes easily in one short session, you would save $5400 in the first year alone.

I will forget to mention medical costs etc.

The session is $595 - and it is with a results guarantee to work, or I do as many sessions as needed FREE - no additional charge. This is even better than a money back guarantee, because you want to quit cigarettes, not get your money back.

So why don't you take the money you would have burnt up in smoke on cigarettes anyway and invest it in becoming a non-smoker for life?

Now, how much is a year of your life worth?

The average smokers life is 14 years shorter than a non smoker.
So by quitting you are literally adding 14 years onto your life.
So if you make $20,000 a year, then certainly a year must be worth at least $20,000 - But we all know, you cannot even really put a price on a year of life. So that is $228,000 You are earning.

So why don't you take the money you would have burned up in smoke on cigarettes anyway and invest it in becoming a non-smoker for life? For roughly one month of cigarettes, imagine all you can do with the thousands of extra dollars you will have.

Also, be aware that some of our clients claimed some of the amount from their private health.

Call 1 300 661 601 Today
Make your reservation to become a non-smoker for life.

If you are still reading this there could be 3 reasons:

  • Although you say you want to quit you are not really committed and then I prefer not to see you. Contact us by email to get the free report and/or suscribe to our free lessons

People always find the money to smoke and if they are not prepared to spend one month worth of smoking to save their lives and save thousands of dollars, it is best I let them get ready, which my report and online course will help with, or let them go to see other businesses who are interested in taking the money no matter what. Or you can try to call if you have some very compelling reason that I do not know about. We usually find it always comes down to motivation and not money, but I can have that talk quickly with you.

  • you want to shop around and price is more important in your decision then all the things that demonstrate this is your best choice to get results

Buy my online program it is the best value for money for under $100. It is so cheap because I do not need to spend time and it will not be tailored made like a face to face session. Email us requesting the online program and you will get a discount if you come from this site.

To help you with the questions you need to ask when you shop around click on Why my practice there are some key points in the list of benefits you should ask (success rate, results guarantee, experience, etc.). As my prices are very fair, you will probably end up coming back to me anyway like a lot of clients do, unless quality does not matter and you just want the cheapest out there. Remember you will get what you paid for in most cases and small things make a big difference for what we do.

  • you are not serious about it yet and just looking around, or want information to try cold turkey first.

If you want free information and are just doing some research, I recommend you go to www.thestopsmokingeasyprogram.com/freelessons I have put this together for you it is free and some people find it helpful. So helpful actually that I lost potential clients that decided to quit before even seeing me or buying my program. I will post more links for you there in future as well. You can also request my free report on 1300661601.

PS: Please do not ask I do not like to say no: I will not change my price unless there is a minimum of 5 patients. I spend up to two hours per patient, not counting preparation and post session work that needs to be done, and spent lots of hours and thousands of dollars of development and reading and research for my publications and to make the sessions with clients the best they can be and I feel what I do to transform your life is worth much more than what I ask anyway.

The more I see the more I understand that you get what you pay for is really true!! You might in deed eventually end in my practice after wasting a lot of time and money like many others, but it is best for everyone to follow their path, I have done it too so I understand, you can try that first it is fine.

Now there are a small number of people that are qualified and get decent results that charge less than me because their marketing costs are smaller, they are happy to see just a couple of people a week as a hobby, they operate in remote and very cheap areas/offices, or work from home and have no office costs. This is fine too if they are running something somewhat professional. If you are lucky you might find such a person on the first go and not have to do costly trial and errors like me when I went years ago for multiple cheap sessions with many people and still smoked after attempt number 14. Or you can also try other things that don't work.

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