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www.quitcigarette.org was founded and created by the owner. The owner was a smoker himself for many years. He found it extremely difficult to quit with many desperate attempts. He also had members of his family die from the nasty habit.

One of his multiple attempts finally provided results. He relapsed again but it was under control then, and a follow up session worked even better. He decided to learn hypnosis and other techniques like NLP to help people quit just the way he did as he was amazed at how much more efficient those methods were compared to everything he tried before.

Doing a lot of research so he could best help his clients and figure out what techniques he could incorporate in his system, the extent of his knowledge rapidly expanded. He decided to share his expertise by writing his first book on Smoking Cessation in 2008.

After seeing a large number of patients, it became obvious that one of his main strengths is his ability to get into the smokers' mind to help them remove the limiting beliefs and the thought patterns that keep them smoking.

He has since improved and enriched his technique to the point that a vast majority of the patients he sees quit smoking after one session only and he can afford to back it up with a Results Guarantee. Some of his patients had many prior desperate attempts (to include hypnosis, patches, medications, etc.) and dozens of years of heavy smoking behind them. He has actually received testimonials from the vast majority of his clients as they were really happy to have quit so easily. His results and his genuine concern for getting the results for his clients has enabled him to get referrals from various sources. He had people travel from many corners of Australia to get his assistance, sometimes as far as Alice Springs .

www.quitcigarette.org offers a very different story and angle on topics related to stop smoking and we are happy to see how we can help provide relevant, interesting and useful content for your media outlet.

We make it a point to be accurate, available, timely, professional and help the different media as best as we can. www.quitcigarette.org has already been featured in mass market and local print media, in mainstream and community radio and is always open to help. A TV show is currently being negotiated but there is no exclusivity at this stage.

The owner sometimes runs seminars and the dates for these can be made available to the media upon request. Those are free for journalists if you contact us directly and subject to some guidelines.

Images and logos are available for the media upon request.

All media enquiries are handled directly by The owner. He can be contacted on 1300661601 or info@quitcigarette.org


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