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Revealing the whole process

Our sessions come with many exclusive benefits.

First of all I use a combination of systems, plus some of my own tools developed with experience. One technique alone has shown a success rate of 94% for over 1000 patients that were called after 18 months after their treatment. *

The process is roughly as follows:

Have a quick chat and perform a free assessment over the phone (I do not accept everyone) to make sure we will both be satisfied with the outcome. At that point we decide to proceed or not, and if not I will send you free material and guidance to help you anyway.

Then you return a questionnaire to me in advance so I can prepare the session and make sure that it is very specific to your needs, triggers and issues. This helps to increase the success rate as well.

When we meet, I will first destroy a lot of myths and beliefs that have you a prisoner of cigarettes and get you prepared and 100% ready for the hypnosis to deliver its results. Discovering these secrets will be a liberating experience for most. I have heard it all before so I will know how to deal with your issues.

I then use hypnosis which is widely recognized as a safe, pleasant, and more importantly very effective technique to help quit cigarettes and stop smoking. I also use NLP tools (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to make it even more powerful. I will explain further over the phone how and why this will help to easily and naturally be a non smoker again.

This part will help us address the habit and the cigarettes that you smoke unconsciously and automatically (usually this is the hardest part) and out of habit.

Because of all these things combined work very well for you, and as you read this you can picture why when you are leaving my office, you can realize then that this was easier than you thought. As a consequence of this working well, the other main benefit that I offer is a full guarantee.

This means if you need additional help, which is usually not the case, just call and you can come back free for up to 12 months. I am willing to back up the confidence in my results with that exceptional guarantee.

From the moment we book the appointment there should be only one outcome; you are a non smoker again . So to you there is absolutely no risk, I will see you for free again if it is needed. As I write this, I have never had anyone call me to ask for a back up after 12 months, and most people come once only, however if you like to worry and want to know what if, if you were to come back after twelve months I would only charge you at the most half the current price of a session.  

After that you will get support from us, included for free, which most people do not do, so you can remain smoke free (after all it is in my best interest I don't want to work for free and for you to come back anyway) and we will also help you on your journey of health and personal development but we do not want to ruin the surprise for you.

So book your appointment now and call us now on 1300661601 or send us an email. 

* January 1968 American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis 18 months later validity tested over 1000 smokers 94% still non smokers

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