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The Ultimate Present

You want to help a friend or family to quit. People have to be ready and it can be hard sometimes to convince them. Congratulations for your good intentions. We will help you achieve that.

It is sometimes hard to pick a gift for a friend as a lot of us are blessed to have so much already. We buy something anyway that people don't need adding more junk, more pollution to the environment for something that will be used a couple of minutes before it goes to storage, or worse, to the bin.

You have the opportunity to make a much better, more affordable, and useful choice.

If you know anyone that smokes; how about helping people you care about to save thousands of dollars for the rest of their life, and improve their health at the same time? Now, that sounds like a good gift. Help them stop smoking!!

Buy $50 discount vouchers for a stop smoking treatment. Pay only $9.95 per $50 voucher.

Now you are making a $50 gift for a very low cost, plus you do something great for others.

Call us on 1300661601 with postal address, credit card details and number of vouchers required. Each client can only redeem one $50 voucher and there is a maximum of one voucher per person.

There are two more ways you can help friends or family, please call us on 1300661601 and we will discuss how we can help them together.

This is what some people who brought clients to us have to say:

"I wish all smokers could do what Mark, Matt, Sue and Jerry have done. Day 5 and Sue and Jerry are free from their addiction and happy-incredible!! Wishing you continued success. . You really have an amazing gift.

We all wish we had contacted you years ago thanks just doesn't seem enough Merryn"

“Hi Fabrice

Thank you for seeing Michelle. She is going well. Seeing the amazing life changes in my friends is really so wonderful…What you do is just miraculous!”

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