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Why My Practice

Reasons why we are your best option (in my opinion)

  • How about: because it WORKS!

Almost every single patient that came gave me details of their friends that still smoked and also gave me testimonials (some of which you can see on my site). Would you think that they probably were very happy with what I did for them to do so?

I get people that come from as far as Alice Springs , Queensland , etc. Why would people do all these efforts when they have so many options, including hypnotherapists already in their area? I actually do get people that come that have tried patches, gums, laser, other hypnotherapists and more and did not quit, and got the result with me in their first session.

Now listen to this one: I got health centres that send me patients even though they have some of their colleagues doing quit smoking hypnosis in their own practice.

I get people that are over 70 years old, that used to smoke over 60 cigarettes per day for years and years and that quit in the first session. This is why I get doctors and dentists that refer people to me although they have so many other options, because they know my way WORKS!

So do you want to try many other things like some of my clients that painfully went from an attempt to another or do you want to make it fast, simple and easy and come to see me?

  • Experience and track record
  • Unique QC back up guarantee
  • Qualified
  • Answer all your questions if you have any before you book your session

Little disclaimer: Please don't say "how much" before you even say hello or we could speak about your particular circumstances. How and whether I can help comes first, you always find the money to smoke anyway so let s not pretend this is the most important here, your health and your family are.

  • A specialist: that means someone who mostly focuses on Quit Cigarettes and being the best at it, with ongoing training, and many clients that came to quit successfully
  • Set up in a professional environment*
  • Real Stats**
  • Work with our heart and go the extra mile, with integrity. Talk is cheap so see examples below***
  • Spend the necessary time and focus on your success. Not rush because we want to see as many people as possible in the day. A session usually lasts 90 to 120 minutes.
  • Fully customised sessions specific to you (see * again)
  • Someone who smoked and understands what you are going through
  • We will not say lies to book your appointment and use scare or dirty tactics ****

As a matter of fact I ask a question that is important to me and if it is not the answer I need to hear, I will not take the meeting as I know this is not in our best interest in that case (I will help you anyway though with some free material)

  • Do extra things before and after hypnosis to make sure it works for you ***
  • Part of a small national network of successful ethical people that are committed to your results. Details and website of the network available if you are in other areas of Australia .
  • Not a franchise

* Just for fun, things that I have heard from people that went to other places prior to seeing me, and some of the things they told me as reasons why they were not satisfied with what they had tried before coming to me. Those things will of course not happen with me:

  • the person was talking to other people who kept on entering the room during the hypnosis and I could not focus
  • the TV was too loud in the living room
  • they were playing a tape through the whole thing after the first couple of minutes
  • there are more but I don't like to do that so let stop there, I think you got the picture

*** We do a lot of extra things that are not a standard: call you after sessions and if you are part of the small minority of people who need a follow up, actually help you to make the decision to come back even though this costs us money and has no financial benefit whatsoever for us. We want your success. Cover any issue you have for free like not gaining weight. Provide a lot of information for free after the session to help you continue your journey for health and personal development, all for free for now. And much more.

**** If you want to laugh some more this is what some prospects told me they heard (usually while getting calls from someone else after they spoke to me, as they left a few messages at the start with different options that called back after the client had booked with us):

  • The other person said that I called him first and he was very disappointed and angry that I booked with you and really pushed me very hard so I felt very bad and I told him and would cancel you. I will not say your name but shame on you Mister. At least I think it worked and you did your job so you are not so bad.
  • The other person said that one session does not work, I need to come multiple times this way it's better (well if I charge you every time sure it s better for me).
  • The other person said he will do half price of whatever you quoted (that's focus on quality and confidence for you)
  • I was told hypnosis is a scam.
  • Etc.
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